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SMOKESCREEN Cellars | Napa Valley, California

After years of making high end, single vineyard wines from the Napa Valley, the recession of 2008 came and with it all the uncertainty of the banks, stock market and recession.

During that time, our winemaker, Paul Johnson returned from a trip to the east coast where he was repeatedly told by retailers that they could not sell anything over $30. We realized that people were no longer buying high end Napa wines like they had in the past and we decided that we needed to do something different.


We started our Smokescreen brand to offer great value wines that would be under $30. We set out to redefine the quality of wine people associate with a daily drinking wine and offer them at a price that most can afford.

Since starting Smokescreen, we have worked diligently to make wines that over-deliver for the price. Our wines will appeal to both the person new to wine as well as the more sophisticated wine drinker. We source our grapes from acclaimed vineyards in prominent appellations such as Napa Valley, Russian River, Alexander Valley and Paso Robles. 

All of the  Smokescreen wines are handcrafted using techniques that are usually reserved for more expensive wines such as barrel fermenting and whole cluster fermentation. Our goal is for the consumer to genuinely enjoy the wines without compromising on quality, whether you are having a pizza on a Tuesday night or entertaining friends on the weekend.

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